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What We Offer


Own awe-inspiring tools that build relational skills, deepen faith and encourage life sharing conversations. Resource equipping people for people ministry.


Resulting in well planned student leadership programs. Methods, plans, goals, time lines, accountability with lots of prayer.


Experience Face-to-face, heart-to-heart, person-to-person training. Train to learn to live it and model it before you teach it.

What You Get

Your students know their church needs them


A culture of caring, welcoming and affirming students

Your group expands in numbers


Your participants deepen their faith

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What People Are Saying


    Lyle knows youth ministry from the inside out. He still serves a congregation’s youth ministry. His advice is current and applicable because he is living it now.  He avoids “you should” type statements. I appreciate that. His suggestions have been effective. My youth ministry is more inclusive and folks are willing to go deeper.
    – Pastor Pam Kelly, Berea, Ohio

    “You could almost see the lightbulbs going off over people’s heads during Lyle’s keynote address. The Spirit of God burned a little brighter in us all thanks to his leadership.”
    – The Rev. Rachel Laughlin, Bridgeport, MI

    “You make ministry fun, approachable, understandable and, most importantly doable.”
    – Emma (High School student)

From the Blog

Adults Saying, “YAH!” Strategy!

Changes need plans! Plans have to be written! It is the best way to remove them from just being ideas, swimming around in your head. Written plans bring about clarity, gives others something they too can own, and, most importantly, can be passed on.  Adapt the following sample plan for your congregation. RATIONAL Recognizing that […]


What if… ministry is not only measured by how many show up for events, (we always will!)  but is also measured by the number of caring and welcoming acts? One group tallied over 2,000 conversations. Who new that every day conversations are really the very front lines of ministry!   PML — CARING CONVERSATIONS BEHAVIORS  […]


Ask your students the following. Listen closely. The responses will give you crucial implications for your ministry. Think about all the people you know, school, neighborhoods, work, family, teams, choirs, bands, church, where ever you get to be with others. I won’t ask for names or details, just a show of hands. How many of […]