Think of this as an essential tool kit for learning to care. People ministry!

“Loving because Christ first loved us.”

Sessions for High School and Young Adults that flow from biblical story experiences, deep discussions, skill practice and unique candle time prayers. Select parts, use as a series, great for retreat themes.

  •  only $38.95 (Permission to print multiple copies for your local ministry.)

FREE Bonus with purchase: TALK-ABOUT  small group discussions about the same topics that your participants can lead with peers


Living beside others brings great joys and great challenges.

DEALING WITH PEOPLE will help you navigate both!

Who is this for?

  • A great fit for high school and young adult leaders!

How will you use this?

  • Pick a session that fits your program needs.
  • Use as a series for your whole group.
  • Enhance your leadership training.
  • Perfect for camp and retreat programs.


Participants gain and enhance

  • Skills that help people care for others in difficult situations
  • Relational faith for better loving as Christ loves us
  • Good Samaritan leadership abilities

Who needs this?

  • Every Youth Minister and Campus Pastor

Why you need this?

  • Without real skills to be used and repeated we are only throwing more words at people. Living in daily life as Christians assumes that we care, that we welcome and affirm others. It assumes we love because Christ first loved us. Easily said, but requires an ability to do so in multitude of difficult circumstances. Peer Ministry Leadership is  dedicated to giving faith and life skills that are practical for every day, everywhere and in every relationship.

How To Use

  • Print and put into a three ring binder, or use on your digital tablet.

Training Options! 

  • Consider inviting a PML training associate to lead your retreat, camp, conference, leadership training?
  • Contact us at    612-418-5572

Resource Cost 

  •  only $38.95 (Permission to print multiple copies for your local ministry.)