135 biblical passages with short prompts leading to honest and open faith life discussions.

• “Simple!”  • “Non-threatening!” • “Dynamic!”

$42.95 for Unlimited Printing Rights


People will receive four files in their “kit”

  • 1. Read First, Introduction
  • 2. Poster version
  • 3. Table top version
  • 4. Column or Card version

Scripture Talk is an interactive invitation.

Scripture comes off the page when people are allowed to ponder, wonder, think about, share analogies, experiences, confessions, interpretations, impressions, hopes, doubts, memories, feelings, beliefs, ideas and prayers!


  1. Lyle Griner

    “When I usually read a verse in the Bible I don’t know how to respond to it, or how it applies to me, but with these questions I really do apply it to myself, take it in, and learn things about myself I didn’t realize.” – Brianna, TX

  2. Lyle Griner

    “I wore out two copies of the old version!  The new options make it even more adaptable for youth and family ministry.  Use for “Stations of the Word,” during Lent or “Here I Stand” during Reformation, I can think of many uses.” – Rev. Dr. Richard Hardel

  3. Lyle Griner

    “The depth and breath that flowed from these passages and questions led to great conversations.” – Pastor Jeremy, MT

  4. Mount

    We spent our entire usual large and small group time doing this with small groups of 2-3 around each card. Our leaders were prepped a little, but other than that, very little prep or explanation needed. Our kids LOVED it, and had really great discussions! Kids could kind of take it at their own pace and really enjoyed it! Winner!

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